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Written assignment 4 pages


Written Assignment
Part A

Two pages Briefly discuss the self and self-knowledge, including the idea of personal versus social identity. Also, define self-esteem and the perspectives on self-esteem presented in your text (such as whether high self-esteem is always beneficial, gender differences in self-esteem, and self-evaluations). What are self-serving biases, and what is unrealistic optimism? Explain these topics, providing examples to clarify. The Robber’s Cave experiment is an important one in the area of social psychology. Tell what happened in the study and explain its significance. What implications might this study have for diversity and interaction/integration across racial, ethnic, gender, and class? Discuss the relationship between stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Briefly explain the origins of these types of behavior, and describe the effects of these types of behavior on identity. How do you exhibit in your own work respect for members of diverse groups and sensitivity to issues of power, privilege, and discrimination? Please give specific examples.

Part B

Two pages Examine the topic of interpersonal attraction? Describe the influence of proximity, physical beauty, similarity, mutual liking, and emotional arousal on attraction. What about behavioral cues? Do men and women have different preferences for their partner’s skillsets? Discuss family relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships. Be sure to cover topics such as attachment style, the role of similarity in friendships, and theories about love. Identify motives for prosocial behavior, including the topics of kin selection theory and defensive helping. Discuss factors that reduce helping behavior. Also explain the effects of being helped, including the phenomenon of helping behavior inducing negative reactions. What factors lead to negative or positive reactions among people being helped?


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