How do sports impact our society
How do sports impact our society
September 26, 2021
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September 26, 2021
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What constitutes a block creative thinking


This is a simple, virtual product.


By the end of this assignment, students will be able to

  • 1. recognize in formal terms what constitutes a block creative thinking in their own lives; block creative thinking
    2. identify how to avoid a creativity-blocking situation;
    3. identify some techniques to a personal case study that retrospectively would have enhanced their creativity; and
    4. use inductive logic to create a generalized lesson to be learned in future situations of blocked creativity.
  • students are to write a self-reflective paper that is a case study of one instance of creative thinking being blocked. Students are to:

    1. Think of an incident in his or her past where they experienced a block to their creative abilities.
    2. Post what and how that block might have been avoided and creativity enhanced.
    3. Describe these, and the lessons to be learned from this reflection.
    4. The report should be 800 words excluding the title page and reference page and should follow APA referencing style when references are used.
    5. A minimum of four references should be included


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