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February 23, 2022
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SOC 186 Week 5 Discussion


SOC 186 Week 5 Discussion: Final Paper


SOC 186 Week 5 Discussion: Final Paper

Look back at your discussion posts from Weeks 1 through 4, and any related feedback (particularly feedback from your professor).  Keeping that feedback in mind, combine your discussion posts in a word document as an end of term paper relating your topic to the science of sociology.  (Hint: the simplest way to begin this process would be to copy your previous posts and paste them into the word document.  For this project, reusing your previous materials in this paper will not be considered plagiarism.)

You will find an APA formatted word document and additional resources at the bottom of your Modules section APA Resources – 7th Edition.

Complete your paper by adding a closing paragraph discussing any implications for social change related to your chosen topic.

Upload your completed document to be graded.

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