RES 710 Week 7 Assignment
RES 710 Week 7 Assignment
February 18, 2022
RES 709 Week 1 Assignment
RES 709 Week 1 Assignment
February 18, 2022
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RES 710 Week 8 Assignment


RES 710 Week 8 Assignment: Mock Pseudo-Study Application


RES 710 Week 8 Assignment: Graded Mock Pseudo-Study Application 

Assignment Content

For this assignment, you will finalize your mock pseudo-study by:

  1. Implementing changes based on previous instructor feedback;
  2. Generating mock data;
  3. Running descriptive statistics on your mock data using SPSS®;
  4. Summarizing the results of your descriptive procedures;
  5. Identifying an inferential test to further investigate your research question;
  6. Justifying the appropriateness of your inferential test;
  7. Running the inferential test in SPSS;
  8. Analyzing the test output; and
  9. Reflecting on the process.

Use the Mock Pseudo-Study Application template to document your finalized study.

Submit your assignment.


Mock Pseudo-Study Application Template

SAGE Research Methods Online: Which Stats Test

SAGE Research Methods Online


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