RES 710 Week 8 Assignment
RES 710 Week 8 Assignment
February 18, 2022
RES 709 Week 2 Assignment
RES 709 Week 2 Assignment
February 18, 2022
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RES 709 Week 1 Assignment


RES 709 Week 1 Assignment: Research Paradigms


RES 709 Week 1 Assignment: Research Paradigms

Assignment Content

For this assignment you will begin to grow as a scholar and researcher by relying on scholarly texts and resources and not textbooks required for this course. It is important to note that as a general rule, textbooks are not scholarly resources because they do not contain original research. Search the library for peer-reviewed journal articles or texts that discuss the four paradigms listed in the following graphic organizer; complete the assignment based on the information you find in the library. Please add a reference page and citations to support information.

How to locate peer-reviewed/scholarly resources?

Library Users Guide – page 29

Complete the graphic organizer based on the categories and answer the questions below. 

  • Positivist/Post Positivist
  • Constructivist/Interpretivist
  • Critical
  • Pragmatic

Make sure to review the following tutorial (please first login to eCampus, and you may need to copy/paste the address):

In one to two paragraphs for each question, address the following:

  • What are the similar parts and different parts for each of these paradigms?
  • What would you indicate is your philosophical or theoretical paradigm and why?
  • Why is understanding these paradigms critical to conducting research?

Submit your assignment.



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