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PSY 280 Week 2 Discussion


PSY 280 Week 2 Discussion: Discussion Board 2


PSY 280 Week 2 Discussion: Discussion Board 2

Initial post:

Chapter 5: Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Trauma Related Disorders

Please complete the required readings first, then bring in information/research (at least 2 key terms/concepts) from the required readings to answer the questions below:

After reading Chapter 5, you learned about Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Trauma Related Disorders. While some degree of fear and worry are typical, “People with anxiety and anxiety related disorders suffer substantial distress from scary physical feelings, negative thoughts, and avoidance of things they normally like to do.” (Kearny and Trull, 2018) Using the content from the required readings:

  • Compare and Contrast the difference between “Worry” and “Anxiety”. How are they different and how are they the same?
  • Review at least two of the possible risk factors for Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive, and Trauma Related Disorders. How are they related to the development of these disorders?
  • Recall at least two types of treatment for Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive, and Trauma Related Disorders. Which of the options that you picked would you recommend to a friend struggling with symptoms of these disorders?

*Remember to use in-text, and full reference citations in APA format for all content that you bring in from the readings. Your textbook should be your PRIMARY source of information, not an internet search. Feel free to express personal feelings/views/opinions, but also remember to use an academic voice when writing your post and responses. *

Discussion Content

Discussions play an integral role in monitoring your course participation throughout the term. You should check back to the weekly discussions multiple times throughout the week to engage in the discussion with your professor and peers. Participation is only counted during the week in which this discussion is assigned. Be sure to appropriately cite any sources you use to support your responses with standard APA citations. Answer the prompt question(s) thoroughly, using at least 150-200 words, and respond to as many of your peers as possible. Note that responses to 2 of your peers are required for full credit. Be sure to answer any additional questions asked by your professor in the discussion threads. Your initial post is due by Day 3 of the current week, and follow up posts to your peers are due on Day 7!

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