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Perspective Paper Essay for Eng130



Essay for Eng130: Point of View/Perspective

This assignment focuses on your ability to:
  • Analyze different perspectives and points of view within a piece of literature
  • create a new experience for the reader through the design of an additional scene.

The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student, a career professional, and an individual, the skill of evaluating another point of view and bringing different perspectives to the conversation will make you stand out amongst your peers. It’s important in any facet of your life to see the whole picture!

Prompt (what are you writing about?)

Choose any of the literature that you have read in this course and choose one of the following options:
  1. a. In 3 pages or more, write an alternate part of the story from a different character’s perspective (example: write from Fortunatos’ perspective as he is being walled up into the catacombs, or perhaps from the perspective of Mrs. Hutchinson as she prepares food on the morning of The Lottery).
  2. OR b. In 3 pages or more, write an alternate part of the story from a different point of view than that in which the story is written (example: write from the 1st person point of view of the man in “To Build a Fire” as he realizes he is going to freeze to death, or perhaps from the first person point of view of Cory in Fences as his father blocks his dreams of going to college. Let the reader know what is going on in their minds).
Note: Take a moment to email your instructor with your creative plan so that you know you are on the right track. Instructions (how to get it done):
  •  Choose any of the short stories or plays you have read in this course.
  •  Write a 3 or more page response in which you write an alternate part of the story from a different character’s perspective or a character’s different point of view.
  •  Your audience for this response will be people who have read the stories. Requirements:
  •  Your response should be a minimum of 3 pages.
  •  Your response should have a properly APA formatted title page.
  •  It should also be double spaced, written in Times New Roman, in 12 point font, and with 1-inch margins.
  •  You should have a reference page that includes the piece of literature you chose.
  •  Please be cautious about plagiarism.

Sources: All of the short stories and plays you have read so far in this course. Be sure to read before you write, and again after you write.

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