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January 18, 2023
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January 23, 2023
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NR 662 MSN Project Manuscript Completion


NR 662 Advanced Nursing Role Synthesis

NR 662 MSN Project Manuscript Completion: Executive Summary & Section V


As a master’s-prepared advance practice nurse you will have many opportunities to lead evidence-based change in practice. The deliverable at the end of this program is a completed evidence-based practice quality improvement project prepared for dissemination. In this assessment, students will begin the dissemination process through the scholarly writing of their MSN project manuscript Executive Summary and Section VI. Please refer the MSN project template to help guide the development of the evidence-based practice quality improvement project. This portion of your project will complete your MSN-Project manuscript.

A printed version of these assignment guidelines are available below.

Download NR662: MSN Project Manuscript Completion: Executive Summary & Section VI

ePortfolio: This assignment will also be a part of your ePortfolio. Students are encouraged to follow the guidelines for creating the ePortfolio by clicking  “ePortfolio” on the course home page.

Course Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will address the following course learning outcomes:

  • CO 1: Apply a process improvement model to affect positive evidence-based change in a practice setting. (POs 1 and 5)
  • CO 2: Lead an interdisciplinary team through an evidence-based change project. (POs 1 and 2)
  • CO 4: Disseminate findings of scholarly work. (POs 3, 4, and 5)
Suggested Due Date

This assignment has a suggested due date of Sunday 11:59 pm MT at the end of Module 7.

Final due date is Sunday 11:59 pm MT at the end of Module 7.

Total Points Possible: 160
Assignment Overview

This assignment will assist you with the information needed to complete the MSN project manuscript for dissemination. In this assignment you will complete the final section of your MSN project manuscript, Translation to Practice and Evaluation, as well as the Executive Summary. In the final section of the MSN Project Manuscript the student will include information on:

  1. Data Collection Methods,
  2. Evaluation
  3. Dissemination, and
  4. Conclusion of Project.

Please make sure to include all previous sections of your MSN-Project Manuscript so that this document is complete.

Assignment Instructions

  1. Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy.
  2. Complete sections VI as well as the Executive Summary of the MSN project template.
  3. Make sure to include your sections I-V that you have already completed. You will be adding on to you original document that you submitted in Modules 2 and 4.
  4. Include your completed Executive Summary in your MSN-Project Manuscript after the title page.
  5. Make sure to include all requested appendices.
  6. Submission: Submit your files via Dropbox: Last name_First initial_Module 7 Assignment_MSN Project Manuscript #MSN Project
  7. Sources older than five years may not be used without the permission of the class professor.
  8. Title page,  pagination, subheadings, body of paper, citation of sources, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the most current edition of the manual.
  9. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure are followed and consistent with formal, scholarly writing as noted in the most current edition of the APA Manual.
  10. Please note: If you do not receive a proficient rating in any major content category, you can re-submit your assignment with revisions in those content categories to receive a better grade. You have one additional opportunity to revise after the initial submission in order to make improvements. The initial submission must be a complete paper, rough drafts will not be graded. All revisions must be submitted no later than Sunday of Module 7 at 11:59pm. (You cannot revise your APA for a higher grade in that category)

NR 662 MSN Project Manuscript Completion

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