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November 3, 2021
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MM212 College Algebra Unit 9 Discussion
November 3, 2021
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MM212 College Algebra Unit 8 Discussion



MM212 College Algebra Unit 8 Discussion

In Unit 8 you will learn about variation. You might not realize it, but variation is a part of everyday life. For example, the faster you drive on a highway, the less time it takes to reach your destination. The more you exercise the more calories you burn. On the Discussion Board you will work with a joint variation problem involving the population of two cities, their distance from each other, and the number of daily phone calls between them as described by the variation equation below.

There are three parts to the Unit 8 Discussion activity. Be sure to complete all three components to earn the most points! Click on the Discussion link located below the unit button to the left for full details and instructions.

Variation and Systems of Equations
Can You Hear Me Now?

Part 1:

The average number of daily phone calls, C, between two cities varies jointly as the product of their populations, P1 and P2 , and inversely as the square of the distance, d, between them.

  1. Calculate the distance in miles between your current city and the capital city of your state. (If you live in the capital of your state, choose a different city in your state to complete the problem.) Use any mapping application (i.e., Google® Maps) to determine this distance.

  2. Use a search engine to determine the approximate populations of the two cities.

  3. Determine the average number of phone calls between the two cities using the formula above. Show all calculations.

Click here to see an example.

Part 2:

Using a classmate’s research, find the average number of calls between the city in which you currently live and the city in which your classmate resides. Again, use any mapping application to find the distance between your cities. Show all calculations. Be sure to reply to your classmate’s original post with this information.

Part 3:

Find at least one other post on which to comment. Make sure your comments are substantive and advance the Discussion. You may look for opportunities to help another student, give advice on solving a problem a different way, or offer any other substantive comment.

Note: Your responses to your classmates must be substantive and advance the Discussion. Substantive means your reply must 1) include comments specific to that particular post and 2) contain information or insight worthy of sharing with the instructor and class. Contact your instructor if you have questions about making substantive responses. MM212 College Algebra Unit 8 Discussion