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October 26, 2021
MM212 College Algebra Unit 2 Discussion
MM212 College Algebra Unit 2 Discussion
November 3, 2021
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MM212 College Algebra Unit 1 Discussion


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MM212 College Algebra Unit 1 Discussion

Unit 1, one of the most important things you will learn is the order of operations. You may not usually think about it, but most of what you do in life is done in a certain order. What would happen if you put your socks on after your shoes? It seems comical, but you do things in a certain order for a reason. The same is true in math. The order of operations will tell you how expressions should be simplified so that you always complete them in the same order. On this Discussion Board, you will investigate the order of operations.

There are three parts to the Unit 1 Discussion activity. Be sure to complete all three components to earn the most points! Click on the Discussion link located below the unit button to the left for full details and instructions.

Algebraic Expressions and Exponents

“Socks Then Shoes” OR “Shoes Then Socks”?
Part 1:
  1. Describe the order of operations and explain how it is used to simplify expressions. Explain specifically the order in which mathematical operations must be performed to correctly simplify an expression.

  2. Provide an example of a real-life situation where a specific order of steps is necessary for a proper end result. What will happen if the proper order is not followed? (Humor and creativity are encouraged, if used appropriately.)

Example: I load the dishwasher with dirty dishes, add soap, turn the dishwasher on, and then unload when the cycle is finished. If I rearrange the order and move “add soap” to the end, I will not get the desired result!

  1. Develop an original mathematical expression that must be simplified using order of operations. Include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, and at least one set of parentheses. Simplify the expression INCORRECTLY, showing each step as you simplify. DO NOT include the reasons for each step. Do not include variables (letters) in your expression.

Part 2:

Choose ONE classmate’s incorrectly simplified expression that has NOT already been corrected by a classmate. Simplify the expression correctly explaining each step. Identify the error, or errors, made. Make sure you only correct ONE classmate’s expression, so that everyone has an expression to correct. (See Example 1 in Section P.1 of the text for an example of order of operations with explanation.) Keep in mind that Discussion Boards are meant to be constructive exchanges.

Part 3:

Choose one of the following to complete:

  1. Find and comment on at least one classmate’s correction of an expression. Make sure your comments are substantive and advance the Discussion. If the expression is not simplified correctly, tactfully identify the error and simplify the expression correctly.

  2. Did a particular study strategy or resource help you with your Assignments this week? Share what you thought worked well this unit in your response to your classmate.

Note: Your responses to your classmates must be substantive and advance the Discussion. Substantive means your reply must 1) include comments specific to that particular post and 2) contain information or insight worthy of sharing with the instructor and class. Contact your instructor if you have questions about making substantive responses. MM212 College Algebra Unit 1 Discussion

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