MKT 440 Week 3 Assignment
MKT 440 Week 3 Assignment
February 11, 2022
MKT 440 Week 5 Assignment
February 11, 2022
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MKT 440 Week 4 Assignment


MKT 440 Week 4 Assignment: Common Bond Case Study


MKT 440 Week 4 Assignment: Common Bond Case Study

Assignment Content

Resource: Digital Marketing Plan Phase II Grading Guide

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes.

Instructions: Your team will build a social media plan for the product you created in Week 3. The team will establish a strategy and objectives for each piece of the plan and address sound reasoning as to why each social media platform is being utilized (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.). An e-mail strategy, including target markets, timing, and how to incorporate branding into e-mail communications, as well as measuring tools to determine success from each platform, will also need to be built in. 

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. 

Submit your assignment.


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