OPS 350 Week 5 Assignment
OPS 350 Week 5 Assignment
February 11, 2022
MKT 440 Week 2 Assignment
February 11, 2022
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MKT 440 Week 1 Assignment


MKT 440 Week 1 Assignment: Website Evaluation


MKT 440 Week 1 Assignment: Website Evaluation

Assignment Content

Resource: Website Evaluation Grading Guide

Select 3 websites from different industries and different-sized companies.

Write a 1,050-word summary for each of the three websites that includes the following:

  • Analyze the website’s performance in relation to standard components of a digital marketing plan.
  • Recommend potential changes to improve website performance based upon your initial impression of the site.
  • Assess how the website ranks by looking it up using a search engine and using various keywords.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 

Submit your assignment.


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