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February 10, 2022
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MHA 505 Week 6 Assignment
February 10, 2022
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MHA 505 Week 5 Assignment


MHA 505 Week 5 Assignment: Root Cause Analysis


MHA 505 Week 5 Assignment: Root Cause Analysis

Assignment Content

Root Cause Analysis

Now that you have completed a Gemba Walk and have gathered information about the organization and identified opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process, it is time to take a closer look at these problems and get to the root cause of why they are happening.

Additional Resources

For more information about how to use 5 Whys or a Fishbone diagram to conduct a root cause analysis, check out the following links:

Image: 5 Whys ChartImage: Fishbone Diagram

Assignment Instructions

Create either a 5 Whys or a Fishbone diagram for each of the two short-term opportunities and the one long-term opportunity you identified during your Gemba Walk. Work through each step of the 5 Whys or Fishbone processes to find the root cause(s) of each problem.

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