MGMT 311 Week 4 Discussion
March 2, 2022
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MGMT 311 Week 4 Discussion 1


MGMT 311 Week 4 Discussion 1: Brainstorming New Product Ideas


MGMT 311 Week 4 Discussion 1: Brainstorming New Product Ideas


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After reading and viewing the module materials, you are now familiar with the product levels (core, actual, augmented) and attributes (quality, features, style, and design) specific to marketing purposes. More commonly, attributes can be described as descriptive (i.e. color, shape, texture, sound, taste), process (i.e. marketing, selling), social (i.e. responsibilities, politics), price (i.e. cost to the manufacturer or consumer), and ecological (positive or negative impact on the environment).


Choose a product or service and try to improve it. Your chosen product or service may be aimed at either consumer or business customers. You might benefit from viewing the ‘SCAMPER’ resources again. Look at each product attribute through different product levels, and ask yourself again and again, how and why? How else can this be accomplished? Why does this have to be this way?

Use the SCAMPER methodology and create a mind map. All 7 areas of SCAMPER should be represented in the mind map.

 Be sure to review all of the sections for complete assignment details!


Save your presentation using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number or description. Do not add punctuation or special characters to the file name. Submit your completed assignment to your instructor in this activity.

Review the evaluation rubric for detailed grading criteria.

 This activity supports Module Objectives 3 & 4 and Learning Outcomes 3 & 9.

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