MGMT 311 Week 1 Discussion
March 2, 2022
MGMT 311 Week 2 Discussion
MGMT 311 Week 2 Discussion
March 2, 2022
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MGMT 311 Week 1 Discussion 1


MGMT 311 Week 1 Discussion 1: Marketing Plan: Overview and Outline


MGMT 311 Week 1 Discussion 1: Marketing Plan: Overview and Outline

Throughout the course, you will work on creating a basic Marketing Plan for a hypothetical market offering of your choice.

I have posted the outline that you should use in the announcements. It is based off of Table 2.2 | Contents of a Marketing Plan from your course textbookEach week, I will post an announcement explaining what I am looking for in each section. I recommend you keep up with this as this course will end before you know it. Every section will receive guidance from me except for the Executive Summary, which is simply a summary of what your reader (me) will be reading in your Marketing Plan.

This Marketing Plan should be based on a fictional company or a company that you personally own. Please do not use nationally or internationally known companies. Also, your final Marketing Plan MUST be written using APA format. You are also required to use at least two sources for references, one of which I highly suggest be your course textbook.

There will be no deliverables for the Marketing Plan until the final Marketing Plan is submitted. It is your responsibility to review the announcements each week and work on that section of your Marketing Plan. It is due on the last day of the term by 11:59 pm EST. I will NOT accept any late submissions. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Module 1 Deliverables

  1. None

Your final plan will be submitted and graded in Module 9 and is worth 30% of your final grade.

Be sure to review all of the sections for complete assignment details!


 This activity supports Module Objectives 3 & 4 and Learning Outcome 2.

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