MGMT 311 Week 9 Discussion 1
MGMT 311 Week 9 Discussion 1
March 2, 2022
MGMT 221 Week 1 Discussion 1
MGMT 221 Week 1 Discussion 1
March 2, 2022
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MGMT 221 Week 1 Discussion


MGMT 221 Week 1 Discussion: Peer Introductions


MGMT 221 Week 1 Discussion: Peer Introductions

Assignment Content


Hello in different languagesIn this activity, you are required to create a video introducing yourself to your classmates. Detailed instructions are presented in the Video Instructions section below that will assist you with posting or uploading your video into the discussion forum.

If you haven’t already, this is also a good time to update your Canvas ProfileLinks to an external site. and add an image so your peers can put a face with your name when you post something in the course.

In your video, be sure to share some details about the following:

  • Where you are at in the university education process, and what are your plans for your future?
  • In which degree program are you enrolled?
  • What do you hope to learn from this Introduction to Management Information Systems course?
  • What is your on-the-job experience?
  • Do you have any exposure to Management Information Systems?
  • Anything else you want the class to know about you (active or retired military, single or married, children, accomplishments, interests or hobbies, sports activities, etc.)

Get to know the people with whom you will be interacting with in this course by reviewing the videos posted by your peers. Upload your introduction as early in the course as possible. Revisit this activity later to review any replies to your initial post and to strike up a conversation with at least three other members of your class by posting responses to their video introductions.

Consider writing out your words in advance so they are well-thought-out, but be sure to avoid reading your text when you are actually recording your video. You can utilize strategically-placed sticky notes on your monitor screen or have the old-fashioned 3×5 note cards handy with reminder data. For helpful tips on how to optimize the process when recording a video, review the Recording Best Practices  Download Recording Best Practices PDF document.

If you are going to record your video utilizing a cell phone, review the following video for tips:

Tips for Recording Video on your Phone (YouTube – 6m:22s) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

There are several methods you can utilize to post a video in the discussion forum. You can record a video directly into the discussion forum or you can record a video externally and then upload the video file into the discussion forum. You can record your video utilizing a personal computer that has a built-in or attached webcam or other device such as a cell phone.

Method 1
Select the Record/Upload Media feature in the Canvas Rich Content Editor toolbar on this page. The Record/Upload Media button is just to the right of the blue V button and it looks like a mini monitor screen with a right-facing caret in the middle. Note: Adding media utilizing this method posts the video directly into your Reply thread in the discussion forum. The video file cannot be exported or reused.

Step-by-Step Instructions

How do I record a video using the Rich Content Editor? (Links to an external site.)

Method 2

Review the detailed instructions and resources for Arc/Canvas Studio (ERAU).