Do some research and answer the following critical thinking questions from this week’s readings in an essay format. Ensure you have a good introduction, body, and conclusion in your essay. In your analysis, cite a minimum of three (3) references from different sources (the textbook can be one source).Manager with working group behind him.

  1. Describe the formal, three-part definition of management and explain the most important part of the management definition and why you chose that part.
  2. Mintzberg’s study in the 1960s came up with three important findings about a manager’s routine. Identify the three findings and describe ways that technology and social media have changed the roles of managers since Mintzberg’s 1960 study.
  3. Analyze the two overarching theoretical perspectives about management and how they are applied to organizations. Also, explain the three viewpoints that each one covers.

Your submission should be a minimum of two (2), double-spaced, full pages of analysis with proper reference citation per current APA guidelines.

 Note on Academic Integrity

For all Critical Thinking activities, upon submission, your assignment will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin, a plagiarism detection tool. Your paper will be checked against a database of millions of written works and provide feedback on originality. You may view your originality report; however, you will not be permitted to submit your paper a second time. A score of 30% matching or lower is allowed, anything higher is not acceptable for any of the Turnitin assignments in this course. When answering questions, do not repeat the question with your answer.  Ensure your work is entirely your own and cite your sources, if applicable!

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Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number or description. Do not add punctuation or special characters to the file name. Submit your completed assignment to your instructor through this activity