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Crime committed- LP02 ASSIGNMENT: 8 Slides


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Voluntary THE BOOK YOU HAVE TO USE IS CRIMINAL LAW ISBN: VS9781337514897R365. Crime committed

Directions *

This assignment is to be submitted as a Zoom room recording link. PowerPoint Presentation format will be used to present using a Zoom room. Ensure to record the presentation.

  • 1. Criminal laws require the actus reus to be a voluntary act. Does your state statute define “voluntary?” Is an accident a voluntary act?
  • 2. Read George v. State, 681 S.W.2d 43 (Tex. Crim. App. 1984) about a young man, playing around with a loaded gun who accidentally shot and injured a 13-year-old boy. Does the court find that the defendant committed a voluntary act? What is their reasoning?
  • 3. Is a crime committed during a sleepwalking episode a voluntary act?
  • 4. Is a crime committed while intoxicated a voluntary act?

Your PowerPoint Presentation should be no fewer than 8 slides (not including the title slide or the Reference slide) and follow these guidelines: * 12 -point Times New Roman or Arial font * A title slide, and a Reference slide * Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation * Your presentation requires the use of the class textbook with proper APA citation format (in-text citations where appropriate in the slides and a Reference slide).


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