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Interpersonal Visual Communication Assignment



ARTS2094 VISUAL COMMUNICATION, T3 2021 Assessment 1: Major Analysis.


Length: c. 2000 words.

Interpersonal. This is a very approximate indication and you will see below that a wide word count is indicated for each question. If for example 250 words is suggested, and you go under, that’s fine – but obviously, if you write 50 words then you are probably missing quite a bit. If you go over, that’s also fine (and there’s no penalty for that), but be wary of ‘padding’ – if you are off track, you are off track. There’s no bonus for irrelevant information!


Style: Write in an academic style, ie somewhat formal, and full paragraphs (not notes) but you do not need to write mini essays for each question. No references are required.

There are four questions. Marking Criteria:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of interpersonal semiotic resources
  • Demonstrated knowledge of textual semiotic resources
  • Able to effectively apply analysis to images
  • Able to link system, realisation and interpretation
  • Appropriate level of expression
  • Completed according to

Q1. VALUE: 25/100 Interpersonal

Length: 300-500 words

Interactional meaning:

These three screenshots (A, B, C) are taken from the BTS video of ‘Butter’ [+url]. (You don’t need to watch the video, but can do so if you wish.) These screenshots exemplify the different phases of this one video. Write a short paragraph that explains how the interpersonal systems (excluding validity) are used to create different interpersonal relations in each of these shots.

Q2. VALUE: 15/100

Length: 200-300 words Interpersonal/interactional meaning: validity. How would you evaluate the validity of Image D?

Q3. VALUE: 25/100

Length: 400-600 words

Interpersonal/interactional meaning: validity.

Images E and F both exemplify ‘working from home’. For each image, write up a short paragraph which answers the following points:

  • Which coding orientation best applies to the image? (Discuss one coding orientation per image; don’t account for alternative )
  • What validity markers support your answer (for each image)?
  • What purpose does this image best serve?

Q4. VALUE: 35/100

Length: 600-800 words

Textual/compositional meaning.

Images G and H are each posters for the same event. Compare the compositional/textual resources between them (information values, framing, salience, reading path) and explain the differences and/or similarities in meaning as a result.

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