NR 449 Evidence Based Practice
NR 449 Evidence Based Practice
October 3, 2022
ACCT 212 Week 6 Homework
ACCT 212 Week 6 Homework
October 5, 2022
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HUM 1020 Painting Paper


202310 Intro To Humanities HUM-1020-17531
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HUM 1020 Painting Paper

Make sure you have read the readings on Painting in your textbook

and go through all of the Module 2 and 3 elements on Painting.

Pick any painting from any culture anytime in history and write a response paper using the outline below – include a personal response at the end.

(Why you picked this work and what drew you to it)

I. Artist and Title and Subject

II. Qualities; Physical – what medium does the artist use? Oil on Canvas?

                       Formal – how the artist uses shape, line, patterm, color, light and dark, movement in the composition

III. What is the meaning of the work? What is the artist trying to represent?

IV. Style and Period – Place

V. About the Artist


MLA Style
1.5 – 2 pages TYPED double spaced paragraph style 12 font 1″ margins

submit online

[Here is a little online Helper from How To (Links to an external site.) if you need it.] HUM 1020 Painting Paper