HSN 565 Week 3 Assignment
February 17, 2022
HSN 565 Week 5 Assignment
HSN 565 Week 5 Assignment
February 17, 2022
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HSN 565 Week 4 Assignment


HSN 565 Week 4 Assignment: Strategies for Successful Change


HSN 565 Week 4 Assignment: Strategies for Successful Change

Assignment Content

Consider your practicum project and the proposed change you plan to make. You are ready to make a presentation to your supervisor outlining what will be needed to make the suggested changes.

Create a professional 12- to 15-slide presentation for your supervisor. Include the following elements:

  • A description of the problem
  • The proposed change and the change theory supporting the change
  • Three change strategies that could be used for the identified problem and change
  • The pros and cons for each of the three strategies needed to lead the change
  • The LEAN principles you have incorporated in your strategies
  • An explanation of how would you use teams to promote the change

Research at least three professional sources to support your information.

Include detailed speaker notes, and a reference slide formatted according to APA guidelines.

Note: Title and reference slides are not part of the 12 to 15 slides.

Submit your assignment, practicum hours log, and practicum activity deliverable.


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