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5 Page Anthropology Paper. History of Hmong People


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5 Page Anthropology Final Paper on Book

Your final paper for ANTH 110 is an essay on either the book by Yang or Basso. The
paper will be 5 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman font.
This paper is not merely a summary of the book. Instead, you should explore some
aspect of the book that interests you and relate it in some way to course material. The
paper will be graded on a P/F basis worth 20 points. Please see the below rubric.

Purpose and CONTENT (Development)

The essay has a purpose or controlling statement—a single, central point that is
interesting, original, striking, and substantial. The central idea is developed in the essay
through well-chosen, appropriate, concrete details that show originality and freshness.
The author shows rather than merely tells. Generalizations and assertions are defended.
Arguments are logical.


The essay is organized and well structured (there is a beginning, a body, and a
conclusion). The essay exhibits a clear strategy for persuasion and pattern of
development (chronological order, spatial order, comparison/contrast, etc.). The
organization works with the controlling statement so that the organization contributes to
serving the purpose of the essay. The essay does not digress from a central point. Transitions
help the paper flow smoothly. Introductory paragraph(s) is (are) interesting and
appropriate. The concluding paragraph is satisfying.

Paragraphs are organized, unified, and coherent. Each supporting paragraph has a
controlling idea (which may be expressed in a topic sentence). In supporting
paragraphs, the topic idea helps further the thesis.


The essay is written in a style and tone appropriate to the audience, topic, and purpose.
Words are appropriate and well-chosen. The writer seems to be speaking in an authentic
voice. The Paper is enjoyable and interesting.

Subtract points for errors in grammar (comma splices, fragments, fused sentences,
agreement, etc.), spelling, and mechanics (margins, format, etc.). The paper follows
formatting styles as outlined in the assignment