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Healthcare Ethics


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Healthcare Ethics

First, reading and analyzing a paper for (((Healthcare ethics))), word count should be exactly 1500 words. answering the Q:

  • Please read and understand the article, then answer the questions written in the summary above.
  • Use simple words, and avoid using complex words.
  • Include (in-text citations) APA style, and include a reference page. please read and use ( Principles of biomedical ethics Book by Tom Beauchamp) NO Plagiarism


You must incorporate answers to Questions 1, Question 2, and Question 3 in your essay/op-ed. You must also incorporate either Question 4 or Question 5 (not both).

1. Moral Status
  1. a. What is moral status?
  2. b. Whose moral status is important to determine in this scenario?
  3. c. What determinations do you make for each?
  4. d. How do you arrive at these determinations?
  5. What factor(s) do you base each of these determinations on?
2. Identify and frame/state at least two ethical questions posed by this fact pattern.
3. Applying principlism and the four factors of common morality.
  • what moral judgments and moral actions should be taken for each of the questions you pose above?
  • Why?
Incorporate at least one of the following:

1. Were there any decisions you believe were not ethically justifiable in the scenario? Identify (at least 2) and explain why.

2. Discuss “moral residue.” Identify some (at least 2) examples in this scenario. What were the primary causes of this?

Grading Rubric: Essay/Op-Ed Grading Rubric (total 100 points): •
  • Clear identification and articulation of ethical issue(s) being analyzed and/or thesis of paper: 10 points •
  • Answering Prompt 1: 10 points
  • • Answering Prompt 2: 10 points
  • • Answering Prompt 3: 20 points •
  • Answering Prompt 4 or 5 (only one): 10 points
  • • Strength of Argument: 10 points
  • Clarity of Writing and Expression; Creativity in Presentation and Analysis: 10 points
  • • Style, Grammar, Adherence to Guidelines Provided – 10 points
  • • Citing and Quality of references – 5 points • Word Count – 5 points
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