H4545 Unit 8 Discussion
H4545 Unit 8 Discussion Health Policy SOLVED 
November 5, 2021
H4545 Unit 9 Discussion
H4545 Unit 9 Discussion Health Policy SOLVED 
November 5, 2021
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HA545 Unit 8 Assignment Health Policy SOLVED 



H4545 Unit 8 Assignment

H4545 Unit 8 Assignment


Write a 7-9 page paper with a bibliography. Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure in-text citations and reference list are correct.

You will synthesize your understanding of why Medicare Part D passed, as well as the influence of the various interest groups and governmental entities during this process. Make sure to discuss both the policy process and the policy environment—that is, the key players involved and other circumstances that shaped this policy-making effort. For this assignment, address the following questions, doing further research as needed:
  • How did various stakeholder groups influence the final outcome of Medicare Part D legislation?
  • What were the specific strategies and tools that were used most effectively?
  • Does the fact that Medicare Part D passed corresponds with your understanding of policy and politics, or did this surprise you? Explain your response.

Submitting Your Assignments

Put your written assignments in a Word document and save it in a location and with a name you will remember, using the following naming convention: username-assignment-unit#.doc.

NOTE: If you do not currently have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, please contact your instructor immediately. Files must be submitted in the appropriate format in order to earn a grade.

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