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Crime committed- LP02 ASSIGNMENT: 8 Slides
September 28, 2021
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Balance Between Preservation and Multiple Use
September 29, 2021
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Assault Response Prevention program: Expository Essay


Expository Essay on a Contemporary Issue Facing the Army

Assault Response Prevention program. You are to write an expository essay on a contemporary issue facing the Army: the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) program within your organizations. In your essay, explain two recommendations that might improve the effectiveness of your unit’s SHARP program. Your paper must be written in a clear and concise manner using correct grammar, sentence structure, and word usage. Provide a coherent transition from one topic to the next using this rubric as a general guideline. Your essay should be :

  • ¬†Times New Roman,
  • 12pt font,
  • APA 6th edition format with no abstract,
  • and must be three to five pages in length not including your title and reference page.

It must be submitted in Word, not PDF. The organization in which I work is Recruiting. You can google the army program.
This is a leadership paper. you can google the army sharp program as well as the recruiting command

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