ENG 121 Week 10 Discussion
ENG 121 Week 10 Discussion
February 24, 2022
ENG 120 Week 2 Discussion
ENG 120 Week 2 Discussion
February 24, 2022
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ENG 120 Week 1 Discussion


ENG 120 Week 1 Discussion:: Discussion Board 1


ENG 120 Week 1 Discussion: Discussion Board 1

Assignment Content


Part 1: READ

After reading the assignment instructions for Essay 1, the Reader Response Essay, choose a text from the Reader Response options (“Mother Tongue  Download Mother Tongue” or “The Crane Wife  Download The Crane Wife“). This will be the text you write your paper on, so choose one that is powerful to you and that you feel you can spend three weeks writing about.

Part 2: WRITE

The goal of this assignment is to create a document in which you summarize your chosen text and answer six specific questions about that text. This activity is designed to help you begin brainstorming and recording potential ideas and content that you might eventually use in your Reader Response essay.  In order for you to organize your responses, the following template has been provided: ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE Download ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATE

This template can be used for you to create your assignment and submit via Canvas.

Suggestions for success:

  • Read your chosen text more than once. Reading it multiple times will help you see and remember details you missed the first time around.
  • Annotate as you read.  This includes taking notes, writing down questions, freewriting your reactions, and engaging with the text by highlighting or underlining (note: it’s a good idea to print a copy).
  • In your summary, be sure to capture the most important elements of the text in your own words.  Note: a summary is purely objective, meaning it provides readers with an overview of the main points from the text.  It does not yet provide your response or reaction to the text.
  •  Remember, no element of a text is too small or subtle!
  • Responses should be in full and complete sentences.  This activity is designed to help you brainstorm potential summary and response points, but it also is a place to practice clear writing.

Discussion Content for ENG 120 Week 1 Discussion

Discussions play an integral role in monitoring your course participation throughout the term. You should check back to the weekly discussions multiple times throughout the week to engage in the discussion with your professor and peers. Participation is only counted during the week in which this discussion is assigned. Be sure to appropriately cite any sources you use to support your responses with standard APA citations. Answer the prompt question(s) thoroughly, using at least 150-200 words, and respond to as many of your peers as possible. Note that responses to 2 of your peers are required for full credit. Be sure to answer any additional questions asked by your professor in the discussion threads. Your initial post is due by Day 3 of the current week, and follow up posts to your peers are due on Day 7!

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