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September 25, 2021
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Dollars & Dentists Ethical and Moral Issues in Health


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Now that you have read, reflected, and analyzed various ethical and moral issues in health, I want you to respond to these issues presented in the video Dollars & Dentists. This is a Frontline edition of a program titled Dollars and Dentists aired on June 26, 2012. ( ) The program was a documentary developed by the Center for Public Integrity and hosted by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The program presents an overview of the poor condition of oral health in this country and some of the issues associated with a broken health care system. Specifically, the program discusses the high cost of dental care, the lack of insurance to cover oral health issues, and how these costs leave many people unable to afford dental care services.


It also calls into question the way corporate America has responded to fill this need. Several business models have emerged with big corporate backing. While viewing the video you should be able to recognize a number of ethical and moral issues that arise related to access to health care, quality of care, and financial exploitation of disparate populations. After watching the video, respond to the following: For this assignment, there are five perspectives to be considered. Each of you MUST write about all five of the perspectives mentioned in the talking points below. These include: The patient, the health care providers, Equity backed offices, Tj=he American Dental Association (ADA), and the Insurance providers (including private insurance, Medicare, and Medicare). In addition to clearly articulating the issue in question, I will also be looking for an explanation of the ethical considerations for each of the perspectives.