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Dialogue Between three Classical Theorists



Dialogue Between three Classical Theorists

After watching the Food Inc, the Paper should be approximately four to five pages in length, double-spaced, in 12 point font. Your dialogue should be written like a play script, each theorist’s name written before their line. You may select from the following theorists: Marx, Weber, Gramsci, Durkheim, or Du Bois) .


Your task is to develop a dialogue between three classical theorists. You may select from the following theorists: Marx, Weber, Gramsci, Durkheim, or Du Bois). Please note that you should not use Ritzer or Goffman in your dialogue. The setting for the dialogue is a post-film discussion by these leading scholars. In other words, pretend these theorists were invited to give their commentary after a screening of this documentary.

Within the conversation you develop, the following components should be present:
  1. 1. Using the voices of these thinkers, you should introduce and explain at least one (ideally two) key concept from each theorist in your dialogue. Rely on your class notes and textbook chapters to present these concepts accurately and in your own words. Demonstration of your ability to apply the work of these theorists to a real-life issue will count for 70% of your grade on this assignment.
  2. 2. This should be an exchange. The theorists should ask questions of one another or even argue with one another. The audience should clearly be able to identify key differences in the theorists’ perspectives. The creativity you demonstrate in constructing the dialogue, and the liveliness of the debate will count for 20% of your grade.
  3. 3. Proofread your papers. The overall presentation of your work (grammar, spelling, etc.) will count for 10% of your grade on this assignment.
  4. 4. I recommend that each group member take on a key role in the project. For example, one member needs to be in charge of typing out the dialogue as you work together. Another group member should be in charge of proofreading the dialogue before it is turned in. And specific group members might be tasked with taking a lead role in developing the words of each theorist.

Please note that all group members are responsible for approving the paper before it is submitted. I will not assign different individual grades based on pieces of the paper.

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