DAT 565 Week 2 Assignment
DAT 565 Week 2 Assignment
February 17, 2022
DAT 565 Week 4 Assignment
DAT 565 Week 4 Assignment
February 17, 2022
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DAT 565 Week 3 Assignment


DAT 565 Week 3 Assignment: Market Analysis Research


DAT 565 Week 3 Assignment: Market Analysis Research

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MBA Business Plan component


One of the most important elements in a business plan is the market analysis. A market analysis is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a market. It includes data collection and estimation in reference to the market size and value; characteristics of the intended customer base; in-depth understanding of the competition; barriers to entry and the regulatory environment. An accurate and detailed market analysis allows entrepreneurs to determine whether the market is sufficiently large to build a sustainable, profitable business. In this assignment, you will prepare a portion of the market analysis for your proposed business. You will create a report that can be included as part of your digital portfolio.


Write a comprehensive report that includes the following sections and demonstrates strong critical thinking and analysis:

  • Section 1: Business overview, mission and vision
  • Section 2: Market analysis
  • Section 3: Recommendation

Use the Market Analysis Research document for details on what to include in each section.


Cite references to support your assignment.


Format your citations according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.


In doing this assignment you will need to make some decisions based on probabilities of market size and rates of return (profits) associated with each size. Here are two PPT that go through the process of decisions making under uncertainty. They are very similar so use the one you like best as your guide.

04_QMB11e_PPT_Ch04 – Decision Analysis.ppt

Ch 15.pptx

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