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CS212 Unit 2 Assignment Solved
February 1, 2023
CS212 Unit 1 Discussion Solved
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February 1, 2023
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CS212 Unit 4 Assignment Solved


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CS212 Unit 4 Assignment Solved

“A brand is a story always being told” –Scott Bedbury (Nike and Starbucks executive), quoted in “11 Simple Steps for a Successful Brand Building Process.”

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool that can help you communicate your personal brand. For the Unit 4 Assignment, you will download and complete a professional LinkedIn template that can be used to create a profile. You do not have to create a LinkedIn account for this assignment. Using the Unit 4 Assignment template, you will write out the profile information in a Microsoft Word® document.


  • On the template you will enter your own information below each heading (remove descriptive information in parenthesis)
    • Headline
    • Photo
    • Education
    • Professional Summary
    • Skills and expertise
    • Connectedness
    • Examples of work (paragraph description and two examples required)
  • The template must be completed. For example: links to a profile, images of a profile, and/or pasting of a profile are not accepted.
  • Examples of work must be included on the document (The work should not be submitted through links, attachments, or clickable icons).
  • Template must be double spaced, in correct APA format using Times New Roman or Arial font size 12.
  • Template must adhere to Standard English with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

When the assignment is complete, save your assignment in Word format and submit it to the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox.

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