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October 22, 2021
MM212 College Algebra Unit 1 Discussion
MM212 College Algebra Unit 1 Discussion
November 3, 2021
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Conflict at Work Discussion



conflict.  For this Forum you are to answer each of the following questions relating to materials from Chapter 13 of the Textbook and PowerPoints.  Each student should answer the questions with specific meaning and using their own critical thinking skills.  You may do research on the website, etc.  I anticipate each response will add true meaning and personal thoughts for your learning outcome.  Grade will be determined upon creativity, meaningful and specific response answers.


  1. Discuss the differences between functional and dysfunctional conflict. Why should a manager understand conflict?
  2. Identify the structural and personal factors that contribute to conflicts.
  3. What are the most effective techniques for managing conflicts at work? What are some ineffective techniques?
  4. Discuss the major forms of conflicts  in organizations.
  5. Identify and discuss five styles of conflict management.

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