COM 126 Week 9 Discussion
COM 126 Week 9 Discussion
February 24, 2022
CHM 102 Week 1 Discussion
February 25, 2022
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COM 126 Week 10 Discussion


COM 126 Week 10COM 126 Week 10 Discussion Discussion: Discussion Board


COM 126 Week 10 Discussion: Discussion Board

Persuasive Speech Submission

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Make sure to reread the persuasive speech directions before submitting.


  • Speech:
    • Online courses must submit their speech via the media upload by the due date.
    • Face to face courses will present their speech on their designated class date.  Do not upload any videos.
  • References:  Unique sources must be referenced in your speech verbally as oral footnotes.    
  • Visual AidA presentational aid must be used during your presentation.  Any video usage should adhere to course policies, cannot be used to meet your minimum time (meaning if your video is 30 seconds long, this 30 seconds does NOT count toward your total speech time).   -Note: For face-to-face courses, any electronic visual must be uploaded to Canvas prior to class or brought on a USB drive.  No email access will be allowed via the presentation computer. 

Late outlines or Reference pages will result in a 25% deduction of your speech grade per the syllabus late policy.  After one week a 50% penalty will occur, and after 2 weeks speeches will forfeit their grade. 

 All speeches should be submitted/presented by their assigned due date and must have an audience of at least 3 adult members present during the presentation.   

Remember the South College Video Acceptable Video Standards

Discussion Content

Discussions play an integral role in monitoring your course participation throughout the term. You should check back to the weekly discussions multiple times throughout the week to engage in the discussion with your professor and peers. Participation is only counted during the week in which this discussion is assigned. Be sure to appropriately cite any sources you use to support your responses with standard APA citations. Answer the prompt question(s) thoroughly, using at least 150-200 words, and respond to as many of your peers as possible. Note that responses to 2 of your peers are required for full credit. Be sure to answer any additional questions asked by your professor in the discussion threads. Your initial post is due by Day 3 of the current week, and follow up posts to your peers are due on Day 7!

Check COM 126 Week 9 Discussion