CCMH 568 Week 4 Assignment
CCMH 568 Week 4 Assignment
February 15, 2022
CCMH 568 Week 6 Assignment
CCMH 568 Week 6 Assignment
February 15, 2022
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CCMH 568 Week 5 Assignment


CCMH 568 Week 5 Assignment: Group Counseling Proposal


CCMH 568 Week 5 Assignment: Group Counseling Proposal

Assignment Content

As a team, you will develop a proposal for a counseling group to be implemented in a community mental health agency.

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word proposal to the agency board to describe how the addition of this group will benefit the agency and its clients. Include the following:

  • Describe the group’s target population, including the characteristics and identified needs of the participants, as well as any potential barriers to working with the population.
  • Explain the group’s goals and objectives.
  • Identify whether the group is closed or open and explain why.
  • Describe the screening and selection procedures for group members.
  • Identify specific group goals.
  • Describe the role of the group leader and co-leaders.
  • Explain the group’s theoretical approach and why it was chosen.
  • Explain the group format, including length and frequency of group sessions, as well as treatment modalities.
  • Provide a detailed group session plan for six to eight sessions that includes the theme or focus, goals and objectives, detailed description of the activities or techniques used, and evaluation methods for each session.
  • Include all forms and handouts needed to facilitate the group, along with a list of other possible materials needed for projects and activities.
  • Explain how to evaluate the group to determine its outcome.

Include a minimum of six sources beyond the textbook.

Format your proposal according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.


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