CCMH 540 Week 2 Assignment
CCMH 540 Week 2 Assignment
February 15, 2022
CCMH 540 Week 4 Assignment
CCMH 540 Week 4 Assignment
February 15, 2022
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CCMH 540 Week 3 Assignment


CCMH 540 Week 3 Assignment: Applying Career Counseling Theories Role-Play Session


CCMH 540 Week 3 Assignment: Applying Career Counseling Theories Role-Play Session 

Assignment Content

Write a 350-word case scenario for a client who is seeking career guidance and counseling.

Write a 350-word transcript of a 5- to 10-minute career counseling session with this client. Include the following:

  • Demonstrate the use of career counseling theory to determine decision-making processes.
  • Demonstrate the use of theory-based counseling strategies to assist the client in developing career, educational, and life-work planning and management skills.
  • Demonstrate appropriate theory-based career counseling interventions.

Use a consistent theory throughout the role-play session.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your case scenario and role-play transcript .

Note: For Local Campus students, you will also conduct your role-play in class.


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