ECO 535 Week 6 Assignment
ECO 535 Week 6 Assignment
February 18, 2022
BUSS 475 Week 2 Assignment
BUSS 475 Week 2 Assignment
February 18, 2022
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BUSS 475 Week 1 Assignment


BUSS 475 Week 1 Assignment:  Degree of Alignment


BUSS 475 Week 1 Assignment: Degree of Alignment

Assignment Content

Resource: Degree of Alignment: Advanced Organizer Template

The assessments in this course give you the opportunity to design a project plan. Throughout the 5 weeks, you will choose an organization, create a project, write project metrics, and develop a plan that includes a contingency plan. You may use the course textbook and outside resources for all assessments.


This week you will choose your organization and learn about its corporate values. Review the 8 organizations listed in the case studies portion of the text. Choose 1 of the organizations to use for all weekly assessments. You will not be able to change your organization, so ensure that you are comfortable with your choice.


An organization is typically centered on its mission and vision, but it may not always do as its statement says. Using the provided advanced organizer template, complete the following:

  • List the information about the company
  • Analyze the degree of alignment between what the organization is currently doing (actions) and their mission, vision, values, structure, and culture.


Cite all sources in APA format.


Submit the Wk 1 Apply: Degree of Alignment advanced organizer.


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