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October 4, 2021
Assignment 1 ORGB 364 v17
October 4, 2021
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BIOLI SOO – Argument Essay #1



The assignment must be uploaded to Blackboard by midnight on the due date to receive full credit.

You will write either The pro OR con argument essay on ONE of the following topics:

  • invasive species
  • zoos/aquariums
  • de­ extinction,
  • big game hunting
  • commercial whaling,
  • ecotourism, or hydroelectric energy.

You must contact the instructor for approval if you wish to write your essay on a topic, not from this list. You can choose to write either the pro OR con argument for this assignment, but remember you will need to write the opposing argument for your next essay on the SAME topic!


Any resource used for your paper must have been written within the past 2y years unless approved by the instructor. You must use reputable resources. lt does not have to be a peer-reviewed article, but it is recommended. Wikipedia is NOT a reputable source. You are required to have TWO references for this assignment.


Your paper should have the following sections:


Introduction (10 pts):

This section should provide the background information for your chosen topic. You should explain what it is and how it relates to a topic covered (or will cover) in class. Please also clearly state if you will be presenting The PRO or CON argument. This is your thesis statement and should set the tone for the rest of the essay. This should be at least  I paragraph.


Significance (I0 pts):

  • Explain why the topic is important or why people should care about the issue. Why is it even an issue?
  • Who does it affect? How does it connect to the larger population or ecosystem? This should be at least I paragraph.


Argument (5O pts):

  • Clearly present the evidence to supp011your argument. Do NOT include your opinion. Each paragraph should clearly state one point to support your pro/con argument and must have some logical connection to the thesis statement in the introduction. This should be at least Ipage.


Conclusion (10 pts):

Synthesize The information presented in the body of the essay. You may insert your personal opinion here.

You may also want to include a short discussion of more research that should be completed or a solution to the problem that ties back into your introduction. This should be at least I paragraph.


Other aspects contributing to your assignment score:
Grammar, format, and style (I0 pts):
  • Write this in your best writing style with quality paragraph structure including topic sentences.
  • It must be 2-3 pages Long, 12 pt. double-spaced, and Times New Roman font. APA or MLA format is acceptable.
  • You will not be deducted points for going over the page limit, but you will be deducted points for writing less Lhan 2 pages.
References and Text citations (10pts)
  • Cite two or more resources properly in the text and in the work cited list at the end.

Remember, unless it is an original idea that you wrote yourself, you must give credit to the original author. Any direct quotes must be in quotation marks. Remember, a summary is writing in your OWN words. If plagiarism is suspected, you will receive zero points for this assignment. This is a helpful website for citations: https://owl.english u/owll


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