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Art 251: Formal Paper Assignment


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Art 251: Formal Paper Assignment


Art 251. You will be writing about a piece from the Worcester Art Museum that is from before 1400CE. The paper will be 4 pages long (12pt. double-spaced) not including your images and Works Cited page. It is due Tuesday, November 2.


At the museum:

  • Find something that naturally interests you.
  • Talk to a docent about it. Stop in the WAM library and ask the librarian if they have any special sources relating to that piece.
  • Get good pictures of it, i.e. avoid glare and extreme angles. If it is three dimensional make sure you capture several sides.
  • Make sure you take note of all the information on the label and nearby: artist (if known), title, date, materials, dimensions, original context. Art 251



  • You may find information about the artist or kind of artist that may have made it.
  • You must be able to describe the culture at the time of its making in such a way that possibly explains why it was made. Art 251
  • Try to understand if the piece is typical or is unusual. It could be typical in general, but have unusual features.
  • You can find information about very similar sorts of pieces and apply it to your chosen piece.
  • Basically, put your piece in context– both at the level of the object and at the level of the culture.
  • Keep track of your sources and list them on a Works Cited page in MLA bibliographic style.


Use the Writing Center. You can get help with:

  • Assignment planning – brainstorming through final draft
  • Composing at all stages of the process
  • Reviewing APA, MLA, or Chicago format
  • Finding valid source material
  • Coaching on editing skills


The Art History tutor is Mik Smith, and any tutor can help you with academic writing.

The Writing Center can be found in the Student Success Center in Trinity East.

Monday through Friday from 8am-9pm.

Please contact Dana Sheehan at or the Writing Center staff at with any questions. Art 251



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