ACC 544 Week 1 Assignment
ACC 544 Week 1 Assignment
February 17, 2022
ACC 544 Week 3 Assignment
ACC 544 Week 3 Assignment
February 17, 2022
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ACC 544 Week 2 Assignment


ACC 544 Week 2 Assignment: Risk Assessment


ACC 544 Week 2 Assignment: Risk Assessment 

Assignment Content

Review the Robatelli’s Pizzeria Case Study.

Perform an enterprise-wide risk assessment for Robatelli’s Pizzeria.

Write a 800 to 1,200-word proposal that shows your plan for the risk assessment project.

Identify risk areas and the criteria to be used to determine likelihood, magnitude, velocity, and persistence.

  • Provides detailed assessment of fraud risks, risk areas, and the related criteria.

Link risk categories to financial statement assertions of existence, completeness, rights & obligations, accuracy & valuation, and presentation & disclosure.

Include fraud risks and the incentives, opportunities, and rationalization related to fraud.

Format your paper consistent with APA standards. All sources must be cited w/ proper citations.

Review your originality report. This assignment should be original to you w/ no more than 20% quoted material.

Submit your assignment.


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